What makes MS fun is its unpredictability…


If you’re one of the kind people that read my post yesterday, you will remember that I was frustrated because my legs felt fine yet I was going to be stuck in as I was waiting for a courier…

Ha.  Ha ha ha.

Before K went out, I went round to get the paper, and apart from being blown to smithereens, made it there and back without incident, and when I got back, I had a brief sit to scan the paper before reading it properly after K had left…

Wellllll…..  K was leaving, so I went to stand up so that I could give her a peck on the cheek goodbye…

Now I want you to imagine that your brain is the master control room, and your nerves are messengers that are a bit dim and get distracted easily…  And your limbs and organs are the intended recipients of any messages that the control room sends…

So I could stand up, the control room sent a message to the legs…  Not a long journey, but the messengers decided that they didn’t really want to go there – they found the arms much more interesting…

I went to stand up.  But the messenger went to my arms, ran back to the control room, back to the arms and back to the control room – repeatedly.  So my arms decided that they wanted go into tremor.  My legs were quite happy not doing a damn thing.  And my hands…  Well, they decided that they were not happy being movable and that my fingers would be much better clenched into a fist that was NOT going to open – and as I had hold of some money that I was going to pass to K, it meant that she needed to use both hands to open it enough to get a pen between my fingers and hand to lever it open so that I could release the money…

Now the beauty of all this is, I never know from one minute to the next if the messengers are going to go their intended destination, stay where they are, or take a side trip…  Or as happens quite often, decide to go back and forth repeatedly – causing tremor.  In theory, the medication is supposed to prevent this, but as I hinted at yesterday, medicating MS is very hit and miss.

The brain is a very complex and wonderful organ, but because it is so complex and wonderful, it is a complete bl**dy nightmare to treat!

I’m going to finish now, so the upshot of the story is this:  It didn’t matter that I had to stay in yesterday to wait for a courier as my MS dictated that I HAD to stay in, but I AM going out today!

What is annoying however, is that the bl**dy courier never s*dding turned up!

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