Just a short one today – I’m going the doctor’s (again) with a view to getting more steroids…

First a bit of background:  I went to physio a couple of weeks ago.  Woke up with the lark, showered, shaved and dressed by 7.30 – I felt GOOD!  Anyway, the ambulance arrived, and I was fine.

Got to Clatterbridge and the Wirral Neuro Rehab Unit, stood up and my leg went into tremor.  Okay, a bit of a PITA, but I managed to get it under control.  As usual the ambo staff were great and offered to wheel me in in their chair, or at least walk in with me, but I said no, and “wall walked” in to the unit.

When I got there, I saw a friend (who also has MS) that I hadn’t seen for ages, so we had a little chat while I was waiting for my physio to take me to the session.  I forgot about what had just happened, because it was nice seeing L again.

When N, the physio came to collect me, it took some time for me to stand up…  And then I couldn’t walk…  They HAD to get a wheelchair for me.  So that was it.  Physio was cancelled.

N called my GP to arrange for them to contact me to discuss my stopping my meds and next steps, and called the ambulance service to get my ambo back to take me home – luckily K was still at home, so between the ambo staff and her, they got me back into the house.

Later the doctor did call and I explained what had happened, and she advised me to call the MS nurse, with a view to getting advice from my consultant.

The upshot from this is that I have been referred to another clinic, that I never even knew existed:  The MS Therapy Clinic.

With the letter that came was a lengthy questionnaire, asking about various symptoms, which set me thinking – I’ve never catalogued all my symptoms, and whenever I’ve got back from seeing the MS nurse, or my consultant, I’ve always thought “I never told them about this”, or “I never told them about that”, so I’ve decided to make a list – and even as I’m writing this, although I’ve done the list, I’m still remembering things to add.

So here it is – although I may need to add to  it!

Beginning of muscle tone loss on right leg
Blurred vision
Difficulty drinking
Difficulty eating
Difficulty swallowing
Double vision
Inability to feel if clothes are damp
Lack of control over arms
Lack of control over legs
Limb spasticity
Limb weakness
Loss of balance
Loss of mobility
MS “hug”
Neck Spasticity
Pins and needles
Poor memory
Sensation when looking down
Severe headaches
Uncontrollable eye movement
Uncontrollable gripping of hands
Watering eyes

Pathetic really.  They shoot horses in better condition!

As an aside:  If the two people on the bus that gave me absolutely filthy looks and passed comment because I had a couple of bags of shopping on my walker and was sat in the front of the bus could see these, I wonder if they would have the same opinion?

But anyway, as I said, just a short(ish) one, because it does look really self-pitying, and this is a fluctuating condition, so not all these symptoms are present all the time, but unfortunately they are getting more frequent.

Sh*t happens.  It could be worse.  Unlike Tom (I’m not really gay) Cruise and Kanye (I have really lost the plot) West, I recognise that squaddies on the frontline in Afghanistan do have it worse than I do!  (Pair of t*ss*rs!)


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