Not ME!


Just been looking at an MS forum… Why, I don’t know… Talk about self-pitying arseholes!


Look, I have MS; I have problems, but that’s just life. Sometimes you get dealt trumps, and sometimes you get dealt duffs… But sometimes you get cards that look like duffs but can turn into trumps if you play them right, and sometimes you just break even.

But on the forums? Nah… Talk about a glass being half empty!

To which I say: My glass is empty, pour me another bloody drink! I’ve got a great life… Of course it could be better – who is ever satisfied? But I don’t live in Aleppo or wherever; I don’t have to go to food banks; I have a roof over my head; a kid and a partner that (I think) love me and step-kids and grand-step-kids that think something of me…

99% of MS people on the forums don’t seem to recognise what they DO have, and this does my swede in… Is this a symptom of MS I haven’t encountered yet? The selfishness? The “poor me attitude”?

To all of this, I say “Screw that!”

As long as I can say it, I WILL say, fuck you MS, you won’t dictate to me how I live my life, and it won’t be crying into a fucking internet weep pool!

 I don’t usually like these motivational memes that you get of the internet, or those posters that you see in offices; heaven knows, I’ve taken the piss out of enough, but in this instance I do believe this one.

Because it’s not just you.  It’s your family.

Do you know what goes through my head when I’m having a spasm attack, or fit, for want of a better word for those that don’t really understand MS?

 I’m sorry.  You never signed up for this.  But you, for some reason, are sticking with me.

As I am sure that those, that are bemoaning their lot, have someone sticking by them.

 Today my partner got a fright:  My throat went into spasm for the first time; I was unable to swallow or breathe.  She is now concerned that this will happen again when she is not around.  So I am concerned that her already restricted life will become more restricted.

 Because of me.

 Because of me.

 So I won’t bemoan my life.  I have been given a good life.  And I will endeavour to love it and live it.

 Because of others.

 Because of others.


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